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Keurig Single Serve for $69.99 + 2 Free Boxes of Pods

I love my Keurig Single Serve. I have this exact item in the blue. I got it for this price around Black Friday last year so this deal is awesome. Especially because you can get 2 free Coffee Pod Boxes with purchase. All you have to do is select which color Keurig you want, then add the code FREEPODS4ME there should be a checkbox on the page where you select which Keurig you want. Once you click to add the code, select 2 boxes of Pods that you want.

While i'm sharing this product, I also want to share these awesome filters that work with the K-Mini. We bought some at Walmart that we later realized did not work with the Mini. So if you prefer to have ground coffee and want to use the Keurig here is the link for the coffee filter I have!

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