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I made $0.17 on this Walgreens deal!

The picture is one renuzit short BUT I made $0.17 off of this deal!

I did use my rewards points on this one- so if you don’t have rewards points you’d actually pay $4 BUT now you see why you should get all the Walgreens deals I tell you about!! ;)

Since the picture is off, here is the breakdown.

6 renuzit air fresheners - with card $0.89 each

1 crest 3D white toothpaste - with card $2.99

I used Walgreens coupons :

$1/1 crest toothpaste

Buy 4 get 2 free renuzit coupon

$4 Rewards points (I got these rewards points from when I bought the toothpaste a few pages back)

Total out of Pocket at Walgreens: $1.83

THEN I went on Ibotta and submitted a rebate for $2 for renuzit. The rebate is for when you purchase 5 you get $2 back

Making my total $-0.17!!!! I MADE 17 CENTS!

To many, it may sound like that’s not a big deal but that means I literally got paid to make this purchase. Yeah I have to wait a little to get my Ibotta but still I only paid $1.83 out of pocket for 6 air fresheners and 1 toothpaste.


You would pay $5.83 out of pocket, submit the Ibotta rebate for $2 back and your total would be $3.83. Still not a bad deal in my opinion!

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