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Cheesecake Factory Burgers, Fries and Drinks for 2 + Slice of Cheesecake for $20 Next Week

Prepare your stomachs. Next week, for one week only, you will be able to order 7 menu items for $20 at Cheesecake Factory.

This deal includes:

  • two double cheeseburger "happy hour" burgers, which consist of two patties, double cheese grilled onions and special sause on a toasted brioche bun

  • two orders of fries

  • two soft drinks

  • and one slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake per order

In order to get this deal, you'll have to order from your local Cheesecake Factory or DoorDash for delivery, pick-up, or curbside-to-go.

This deal starts on June 29th

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